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Apache StreamPipes Server Package by IOanyT Innovations - Ubuntu22.04


Apache StreamPipes is an Open-Source IoT toolbox that provides ability to connect, analyse and explore Industrial IoT data streams. It is a web-based user interface to create data processing pipelines in a graphical editor. It allows selecting data streams, add transformation modules and choose data sink. StreamPipes Connect supports both data sets and real-time data streams.

StreamPipes Connect includes a variety of adapters for popular communication protocols and technologies such as HTTP/REST, MQTT, Kafka, OPC UA, S7, Modbus or ROS. Adapters can be easily configured right from the user interface - without any coding skills. The data explorer allows you to quickly visually investigate stored time-series data. Choose from a wide range of visualizations, and create queries using our no-code editor.


  1. One-click launch

  2. Easy configurable AMI with pre-installed Apache StreamPipes


Kindly click on the below link to install the server via AWS Marketplace:


Apache StreamPipes provides:

  • Flexible Data Pipelines.

  • Quickly connect IoT data with StreamPipes Connect

  • Rich set of data processors and data sinks

  • Visualize Live DataVisualize Live Data

  • User and Permission Management

  • Pipeline Health & Monitoring

Step 1. Connect to SSH

In a terminal window, use the ssh command to connect to the instance. You specify the user name for your instance, and the public DNS name or IPv6 address for your instance, the path and file name of the private key (.pem).

ssh ubuntu@publicIP -i [Path of key pair file]

If it shows access denied message run the following command , then run the above command again to connect via ssh.

chmod 400 [Path of key pair file]

Step 2. Test your Apache StreamPipes Installation

If your Apache StreamPipes is installed and running, you will have to follow below steps to start using Apache StreamPipes

To test your Installation

  1. In a web browser, type the URL of the file that is already created. This URL is the public DNS address of your instance followed by a forward slash.


Kindly add your email address and password for the initial setup. Once entered, click install to progress the installation further

Step 3. Login into Apache StreamPipes

Login into the Apache StreamPipes on the below screen via email and password mentioned in step 2

Once logged in, you will reach the dashboard page for Apache StreamPipes



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