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Cassandra Packaged by IOanyT Innovations - Rocky Linux 8

Updated: Feb 22, 2023


Cassandra, a distributed database management system, is built to manage a large amount of data over several cloud data centers. Understanding how Cassandra works means understanding three basic processes of the system. These are the architecture components it is built on, its partitioning system, and its replicability.

Features of Cassandra

Cassandra has become so popular because of its outstanding technical features. Given below are some of the features Cassandra:

  • Elastic scalability − Cassandra is highly scalable; it allows the addition of more hardware to accommodate more customers and more data as per requirement.

  • Always on architecture − Cassandra has no single point of failure and it is continuously available for business-critical applications that cannot afford failure.

  • Fast linear-scale performance − Cassandra is linearly scalable, i.e., it increases your throughput as you increase the number of nodes in the cluster. Therefore it maintains a quick response time.

  • Flexible data storage − Cassandra accommodates all possible data formats including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. It can dynamically accommodate changes to your data structures according to your need.

  • Easy data distribution − Cassandra provides the flexibility to distribute data where you need by replicating data across multiple data centers.

  • Transaction support − Cassandra supports properties like Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability (ACID).

  • Fast writes − Cassandra was designed to run on cheap commodity hardware. It performs blazingly fast writes and can store hundreds of terabytes of data, without sacrificing read efficiency.


To verify the installation, follow the below instructions

Step 1. Connect to SSH:

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Instances.

  3. Select the instance and choose Connect.

  4. Choose SSH Client

  5. Copy the SSH command and paste it into the terminal.

ssh rocky@publicIP -i [Path of key pair file]

If it shows an access denied message run the following command, then run the above command again to connect via ssh.

chmod 400 [Path of key pair file]

Once launched in the Amazon EC2 Service, please connect to the instance via an SSH client using the ec2-user with the key pair associated at launch. Once connected as the ec2-user user, you will be able to sudo to the root user

Step 2. Verify the installation

Follow the steps to verify the Cassandra installation

1. Login with ssh

2. Type the below command to check the version


You will see the responses as shown below.

To monitor and assess application functions:-

a. Navigate to your Amazon EC2 console and verify that you're in the correct region.

b. Choose Instances and select your launched instance.

c. Select the server to display your metadata page and choose the Status checks tab at the bottom of the page to review if your status checks passed or failed.



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