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ClamAV By IOanyT Innovations - Antivirus for Amazon S3 (Pay-as-you-go)

Updated: Jan 25


ClamAV by IOanyT Innovations is a robust antivirus solution designed specifically for Amazon S3. It offers real-time scanning of files to safeguard against malware and viruses, ensuring the integrity and security of your S3 buckets. Utilizing the powerful, open-source ClamAV engine, this service seamlessly integrates with Amazon's cloud storage, providing automatic scanning of objects as they are uploaded or updated.

It's built to be scalable, handling the increasing data flow effortlessly, and offers detailed reports and alerts, making it an essential tool for maintaining a secure and trustworthy S3 environment. Protect your data with the diligence it deserves with ClamAV by IOanyT Innovations.

Here are some features of ClamAV:

  • User-generated material while feeling secure: verifies submitted files either right away or before downloading. Furthermore, you can program periodic or ad hoc antivirus scans across all files in a bucket.

  • basic tasks: Within fifteen minutes, install ClamAV in your AWS account. It is compatible with many S3 buckets. A single location to access information about scanned files and system status is the integrated CloudWatch dashboard.

  • Adaptable reports and notifications: Ascertain that the security operations team is informed of any infected files. You can select from a range of alternatives to meet the demands of your team.


1) Generate a token:

You have to generate a Token

2. Now Register if you are a new user or you can sign in if you have already Sign up.

3. If you have signed up then verify it from your Email account.

4. Now click on the left panel option as in the below image.

5. Now Generate a Token with your desired name and description after that click on generate.

6. Copy this Token Value.

2) Configure with AWS Cloudformation:

Configure the AWS cloudformation as directed below in the image.

2) Configure the S3:

After completing this CloudFormation choose the S3 bucket on which you want to deploy ClamAV virus scanner.

Go to the bucket's properties section and click Create Event notification:

Now fill in the details as you need and save changes.

Go to your bucket and upload the file you want to check.

You can check in the File properties option to see tag is clean or not.

That's how you can use ClamAV By IOanyT Innovations - Antivirus for Amazon S3 to keep your S3 bucket secure.



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