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Go Language Packaged by IOanyT Innovations - Amazon Linux 2


Because Go language is an effort to combine the ease of programming of an interpreted, dynamically typed language with the efficiency and safety of a statically typed, compiled language. It also aims to be modern, with support for networked and multicore computing.

What excludes in Go which is present in other languages?

  • Go attempts to reduce the amount of typing in both senses of the word. Throughout its design, developers tried to reduce clutter and complexity.

  • There are no forward declarations and no header files; everything is declared exactly once.

  • Stuttering is reduced by simple type derivation using the:= declare-and-initialize construct.

  • There is no type hierarchy: types just are, they don’t have to announce their relationships.


To verify the installation, follow the below instructions

Step 1. Connect to SSH:

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Instances.

  3. Select the instance and choose Connect.

  4. Choose SSH Client

  5. Copy the SSH command and paste it into the terminal.

ssh ec2-user@publicIP -i [Path of key pair file]

If it shows an access denied message run the following command, then run the above command again to connect via ssh.

chmod 400 [Path of key pair file]

Once launched in the Amazon EC2 Service, please connect to the instance via an SSH client using the ec2-user with the key pair associated at launch. Once connected as the ec2-user user, you will be able to sudo to the root user

Step 2. Verify the installation

Follow the steps to verify the Go installation

1. Login with ssh

2. Type the below command to check the version

go version

You will see the responses as shown below.

How to use Go language in the terminal:

1. After connecting with ssh.

2. Run the below command to create a file,

sudo nano helloworld.go 

3. After that paste the code in the file given below :

package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
fmt.Printf("Hello World\n")

4. Run the below command:

go run helloworld.go

5. If you get the Hello, world! in output then your Go Language is working properly.

To monitor and assess application functions:-

a. Navigate to your Amazon EC2 console and verify that you're in the correct region.

b. Choose Instances and select your launched instance.

c. Select the server to display your metadata page and choose the Status checks tab at the bottom of the page to review if your status checks passed or failed.



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