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AWS Resource Insights Dashboard by IOanyT Innovations - Ubuntu 20.04

Updated: Apr 18


The AWS Resource Insights Dashboard is an innovative, repackaged software solution tailored to enhance the monitoring and analysis of AWS environments. This advanced tool capitalizes on technology, enabling users to query cloud services using SQL, thereby offering a unique blend of accessibility and depth in data interrogation. It's designed to furnish users with dynamic, interactive dashboards that facilitate real-time monitoring and insightful analysis of cloud resources and activities.

Purpose of IAM Role:

Central to its deployment is a security-conscious approach; it utilizes an IAM role with ReadOnlyAccess assigned to an EC2 instance. This method ensures the EC2 instance can securely access AWS resources with read-only permissions. Such a configuration is pivotal in safeguarding data integrity, as it precludes any form of data modification. By marrying robust data analysis capabilities with stringent security measures, the AWS Resource Insights Dashboard stands out as a comprehensive tool for organizations aiming to optimize their AWS cloud infrastructure's visibility and performance, all the while ensuring the utmost data protection.


Configure the AWS cloudformation as directed below in the image.

Hit the next button until you see the below dashboard-

Now it is completed. Now you can open the AWS Resource Insights dashboard.

Step 3. Open Dashboard:

Wait for instance status check to update to 2/2check passed.

Now copy the Public IP of the instance.


it will open like this:

Now paste the default username is admin and the password is your instance ID

(Ex. i-0a0419ef***11cce2). Once you paste the username and the password click the sign-in button.

Now your dashboard is open. You can choose your desired service to

view its Resource Insights.

This is how you can use this AWS Resource Insights Dashboard Packaged by IOanyT Innovations to view your account's AWS Resource Insights.



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