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Steampipe-AWS Insights Dashboard Packaged by IOanyT Innovations - Rocky Linux 9


The Steampipe AWS Insights Dashboard is a powerful tool designed to offer comprehensive visibility into AWS environments. It leverages Steampipe's capabilities to query cloud services using SQL and provides users with interactive dashboards for real-time monitoring and analysis. This solution is tailored for those looking to streamline their cloud management processes, ensuring enhanced security, compliance, and operational efficiency. For more detailed insights, you might want to explore the official documentation or product page.


To open the console, follow the below instructions

Step 1. Create an IAM Role:

you have to create an IAM Role to access the necessary resources of your AWS account.

Step 2. Configure the AWS Instance:

  1. Add the PORT 9194 to the security group.

  2. Now attach the created IAM Role on the instance Advanced Details.

Step 3. Open Steampipe Dashboard:

Open the Public IP of the instance on port 9194. Wait for a few minutes for the Steampipe Dashboard.


it will open like this:

now your Steampipe dashboard is open. You can choose your desired dashboard service to view its insights.

This is how you can use this Steampipe-AWS Insights Dashboard Packaged by IOanyT Innovations to view your account's AWS dashboard.



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