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Steampipe-AWS Thrifty Dashboard Packaged by IOanyT Innovations - RHEL 8


The Steampipe AWS Thrifty Dashboard is a pivotal tool designed to ensure your AWS infrastructure is managed with cost-efficiency and optimization at its core. This comprehensive dashboard spans a broad spectrum of AWS services, empowering users to achieve unparalleled levels of thriftiness and operational efficiency. From optimizing CloudFront content delivery and monitoring activities with CloudTrail to reducing expenses with Cost Explorer and efficiently managing databases with DynamoDB, Steampipe ensures every facet of your AWS usage is optimized for cost savings.

The dashboard broadens its scope to include vital areas such as EBS and S3 for storage optimization, EC2, ECS, and EKS for compute resource efficiency, and EMR and ElastiCache for cost-effective data processing and caching. Lambda Checks are in place to guarantee that your serverless functions are not only secure but also running in the most cost-effective manner possible, while Networking Checks, alongside RDS, Redshift, and DynamoDB, provide comprehensive insights into your network and database management, ensuring they are optimized for cost savings.

Route 53 Checks contribute to the efficient management of DNS records, ensuring high availability without unnecessary costs, and Secrets Manager Checks help protect your sensitive information with an eye on cost efficiency. Steampipe’s extensive suite of checks makes it an indispensable tool for maintaining cost efficiency, optimization, and operational excellence across your AWS infrastructure.


To open the console, follow the below instructions

Step 1. Create an IAM Role:

you have to create an IAM Role to access the necessary resources of your AWS account.

Step 2. Configure the AWS Instance:

  1. Add the PORT 9194 to the security group.

  2. Now attach the created IAM Role on the instance Advanced Details.

Step 3. Open Steampipe Dashboard:

Open the Public IP of the instance on port 9194. Wait for a few minutes for the Steampipe Dashboard.


it will open like this:

now your Steampipe Thrifty dashboard is open. You can choose your desired dashboard service to view its Thrifty insights.

This is how you can use this Steampipe-AWS Thrifty Dashboard Packaged by IOanyT Innovations to view your account's AWS dashboard.



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