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Whisper-Tiny Sentiment Packaged by IOanyT Innovations - Ubuntu 22.04

Updated: Dec 8, 2023


Whisper-Tiny Sentiment is an advanced technological tool designed to convert audio into text, specifically tailored for sentiment analysis. This tool represents a significant advancement in the field of natural language processing (NLP) and audio analysis, combining the capabilities of speech recognition with sentiment analysis.

At its core, Whisper-Tiny Sentiment employs sophisticated algorithms to accurately transcribe spoken words from various audio sources into written text. This transcription process is not just about capturing words verbatim but also involves understanding different accents, dialects, and nuances in speech, making the tool highly versatile and adaptable to diverse linguistic scenarios.

Once the audio is converted into text, Whisper-Tiny Sentiment applies sentiment analysis techniques to evaluate the emotional tone behind the spoken words. This involves parsing the text, identifying key phrases or words that indicate sentiment, and then categorizing the overall sentiment of the text as positive, negative, or neutral. This feature is particularly valuable for analyzing customer feedback, conducting market research, or monitoring social media, where understanding public opinion or emotional responses is crucial.

Here are some features of Whisper-Tiny Sentiment:

1. Advanced Speech Recognition: It employs state-of-the-art speech recognition technology to accurately transcribe spoken words from audio files into text. This technology is capable of understanding various accents, dialects, and speech nuances, making it highly effective in diverse linguistic environments.

2. Integrated Sentiment Analysis: After converting speech to text, Whisper-Tiny Sentiment analyzes the text to determine the sentiment expressed. It can identify emotional tones and categorize the overall sentiment as positive, negative, or neutral. This feature is especially useful for understanding customer sentiments, social media analysis, and market research.

3. High-Speed Processing: The tool is designed for efficient processing, capable of handling large volumes of audio data quickly. This makes it suitable for applications where real-time or near-real-time sentiment analysis is critical, such as in customer service or media monitoring.


To open the console, follow the below instructions

Step 1. Open the server:

Open the Public IP of the instance on port 8000. Wait for 5 minutes for web interface.

Step 2. Fill the fields:

Now Choose the first option Audio trascription.

Now the page will open like this.

Now click on the try it out button.

Step 3. Fill the Values:

Paste the instance ID in the X-token value and your desired audio in the file field to analyse. Now click on the execute button and you will get your result.

Upadate Token:

In case you want to change your old token (instance ID) with your desired token. You can do it by clicking on the update token option.

After this hit the try it out button, and Paste the desired token in new_token and confirm token feild and Instance ID in X_token feild. Then click the execute button.

That's how you can update your X-Token value and use this Whisper-Tiny Sentiment service by IOanyT Innovations.



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